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The Sisters of St Joseph of Tarbes in India

Consecrated for the Mission of Communion
First profession 8th December 2021
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Today is the day of rejoicing and thanksgiving for all of us the family of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes, as our novice Subita Xalxo has come forward to offer her life to God through the Evangelical Counsels of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience, following the example of Jesus Christ, who consecrated himself to the Father through His total self offering. Indeed our hearts are filled with gratitude to the Blessed Trinity for the gift of her call and consecration. Dear Subita the Lord has loved you, walked with you, and guided you during these formative years in the process of discovering and discerning the uniqueness of your Vocation. So today, with deep faith in your consecration in the Divine Love, with conviction you say “yes – I am called and consecrated for the mission of Jesus Christ to establish the kingdom of God with the uniqueness of our Charism of communion.” Your Yes given as Commitment, gives us a reason to celebrate and be hopeful. Thank you for your” Yes” to the Lord by which you weld yourself to the Church and the family Of the SJT.

How appropriate it is that your profession is on the feast of the Immaculate conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary and also on the day when The Mother church concludes the year of St. Joseph. We are exhorted today to look at Mother Mary and St. Joseph, the sublime examples of perfect consecration. They remind the consecrated persons of the primacy of God’s initiative in their call and Mission. May they enable us to offer our lives every day to Christ and co-operate with Him for the salvation of the world.

On this joyous occasion we express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the beloved parents, brother, sisters and relatives of Sr. Subita. It is they who nurtured in her the faith, hope and love and encouraged her to respond to the call of God. , it is their love, sacrifice, and generosity which have brought her this day to the alter of God. May God reward them for all their love, care and support.

We are grateful to our Superior General ,Sr. Mercy Jacob and her Councilors, our Provincial Sr.Benedicta Joseph, our Regional Superior Sr. Mary Kurian and their Councilors and all our sisters specially those who have accompanied you. We thank God for the gift of each one of them. We are deeply indebted to you, all the Formators, for your untiring efforts and keen interest in her growth during the formation. Thank you for your sacrifices, blessings, prayers and close accompaniment.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to you dear Fr. Yesu karunanidhi for having consented graciously to be the main celebrant to offer this Sacrifice of love. We thank all the priests who are here to concelebrate the Holy Eucharist and to pray for us.

Every Holy Mass in which we participate is our presentation to the Lord. As we participate in this Eucharistic celebration we join with Novice Subita in her offering and present her on the altar of God , praying that she constantly live her daily lifer with the awareness that she is consecrated to God , called to be Holy and blameless.


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