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SJT Formation

The Sisters of St Joseph of Tarbes in India

SJT Formation

SJT Formation is for being the Vision and Mission of Jesus; in and through the SJT Charism of Communion. The Vision of Jesus ‘May they all be one” is introduced as the very beginning of Candidacy –“Come and See” Pre-Postulancy

At this the candidates complete their required qualification to enter into the official formation. At this stage they have a little more experience of SJT way of life through spiritual formation.

At this stage the candidates enter officially into the SJT family and for their initial formation. During this time they also have community and mission experiences along with other formation-spiritual, psychological, etc., an integrated spirituality based on SJT spirituality.

Intensive years of formation. The formation process gradually move towards personalized formation in order to help the formers to grow at their own pace, always focusing on the SJT Vision and Mission.

During these 6 years the young sisters who profess their evangelical vows, live in communities and participating in the various ministries of the Institute. It is a time for Greater consciousness of living our SJT identity in our fraternal life, through team spirit, to be in communion and to build communion always giving priority to sit at the Lotus feet of the Lord.

On going formation
This is a long journey in life, after the final commitment to the end of ones’ life. Every sister feels that she belongs to the one family of SJT, all inclusive. You get rooted into the Spirit of the Institute and move out to live ones’ Charism, always carrying the mission of Jesus- “Father may they all be one.”

List of our communities in SJT Formation