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Eulogy of Sr. Celestine
News / by Tarbes Sisters Psalm 27:4-5 says: One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord, all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple. For he will hide me in his shelter, in the day of trouble; he will conceal me under the cover of his tent; he will lift me high upon a rock.

Sad Demise of our Dear Sr Celestine.

Sr. Celestine was born, on 13 th Nov 1932 of Mr Ubagaranathan and Mrs Barbaramma at Savalur, Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu. She has one younger brother and two younger sisters. She grew to be a loving child of God who was always backed by her mother’s prayers, raised in a spiritual realm of family atmosphere. Her mother would always tell her that she was privileged to be baptized twice and that she was very special to God. Her magical words – “Love Jesus, for if you have Jesus with you, you have everything” made her to love Jesus in anything and everything. She used to be the first person to meet the Lord in the Church especially during the winter season. She was instilled with deep concern for the poor and the less fortunate. This made her to identify herself with the poor and lead a simple life, drinking cold water, sleeping on mat, living with minimum things, eating what is offered without complaints, being grateful for every little thing, having sense of wonder, humour and always full of praise and thanksgiving to God.

It was a practice in their parish to make confession on every Saturday. Once she told her Father that she did not commit any sin and that there is no need to go for confession. Her father who was also her spiritual guide brought to light the reason behind confession by giving her an example, “If a well cleaned room kept locked for few days, when opened again, will it remain the same?’ In the same way, our soul too needs to be cleansed in order to remain close to God”. Then little Sr.Celestine went and made her confession.

After the completion of tenth standard with much desire and prayer she joined Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes in 1951 and professed in 1954. Sr. Celestine decided to follow Jesus never to turn back. She loved Jesus and never missed a single opportunity to endure and to accept everyone as her own. She went through the years of formation with a spirit of faith and obedience. She imbibed the spirit of our foundresses “living for God alone” and inscribed in her room was: “Burry me Lord, in yourself.”

Soon after Sr Celestine’s First Profession. She was put in a school with Mother Anselm. Mother Anselm used to have her lunch quickly and pay a visit to the Blessed Sacrament. This intimacy of Mother Anselm with Jesus deepened Sr. Celestine’s bond with Christ.

It was when Sr Celestine was working in the school at Coromandel, that Sister took a radical step in caring for the people who were lacking the basic necessities of life. Sisters in the community supported and encouraged Sr.Celestine.

SUNANDA Project which was started in 1977 at Gollahalli, Vaa Ketkalam KGF Movement , Human Rights wing, Typewriting Institute at Coromandel, are some the monuments which speaks volumes of her towering leadership and excellent work, memorable service in vineyard of God. She was a magnetic orator, had a command over both English and Tamil languages, voracious reader and highly knowledgeable. She was ever young and active sister.

Sr. Celestine was the first Regional Superior of Mysore Province which was then a Region from 1982 to 1985. She accepted the fellowship to be on the Mission Department for one year, Selli Oak College in Birmingham, England, Twice she was invited to participate in International Association of Mission Studies in California and Argentina. She did a course in Theology and Economy in Germany. She had been invited to address the college students at Netherland and California.

Sr.Celestine’s Padhayathra from Kolar Gold Field to Bangalore after forming KGF people’s movement to seek justice for the victimized mining works in the year 2002, was her remarkable contribution. Her concern for marginalised will remain as a testimony for both religious and laity.

She was a person of deep prayer, her connectedness to God was such, on any occasion she could compose a Bhajan and sing. She was a visionary, Communion Builder, spiritual guide; She had a large heart to love all people. She used to guide and appreciate sisters in the community, respected and loved by people of all religion, caste and creed.

Sister chose to live in a small hut with minimum facilities to experience the life of people in the village, Sr. Celestine used say “We just have to humbly say “here I am Lord” and surrender ourselves to Him. God will use us according to His will and purpose and reward us with a crown everlasting.

Mr Raj Kumar, a long-time associate of Sr. Celestine has to say this; I have been part of her journey of love and action, nearly for 40 years. Rather than the director of the institution she was heading, she had been a Guru, revealing to me my inner self.” She was Divinely Open; there is neither blind spot nor hidden spot nor dark spot in her mind, heart and soul. She is a legacy of social action, Guru of energizing spirit, humble friend of Christ. I with heavy heart now realise that it has been an honour for having being with her all through these years. Her memories and love will never fade away. We are filled with sorrow and pain because we have lost a guiding light to counteract the dark forces of hatred and divisions in the neighbourhood and the society. But we are firm; we will take forward the spirit of the righteousness that she had infused into our soul, to our final breath.

Dear Sr.Celestine, you are our inspiration and model to live our lives to the full. Thank you sister for your life and dedicated service to the poor and down trodden. Your life will always remain as a witness to all of us and to our society. We truly believe that you are in the bosom of the loving father and numbered among the angels and saints of God, Singing His praise and so bid you farewell from this world to your heavenly abode that is prepared for you.

A light house has fallen and departed from the world. Sr. Celestine is no more .But her legacy of love and social action lives for ever.


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