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Eulogy of Sr John the Baptist 8 August 2022
Our Tribute to Sr. John the Baptist
News / by Tarbes Sisters Well done, good and faithful servant! Enter in to the joy of the master Mt 25:23

It is He who carved her in the palm of his hands, set her apart, called her by name and consecrated her in this family of SJT for the past 57 years.

Sr. John the Baptist known as Francina Thara Bhai Singh was born on 7 th June 1942 to Bhadur Rathan Singh and Mrs kamala Bhadur Singh at Bangalore. She has one older and three younger brothers and one younger sister. They belonged to St Francis Xavier Cathedral Fraser town Bangalore. She hails from a Brave Courageous Family, who have lived their deep Faith in Hope and Charity in truth and reality.

Sr John the Baptist lived her Baptismal experience strongly at home, in School and in the Congregation. Thara as she was affectionately called, was a name uttered by all especially the poor and the needy. She always had something to give to them with great reverence as if she saw Christ living in them. There are many things for which she will be remembered, but what we will always cherish and remember is her love for the poor - whether a child, youth or old. Her compassion towards the sick and the suffering was exemplary.

Sr John the Baptist completed her SSLC and TCH before joining the Convent in 1962.
Sr made her first profession in the year 1965 and her perpetual vows in 1971.
Sister began her teaching ministry in1965 at Conoor, as an assistant Mistress, since then, Sister devoted 48 years of glorious service to the society with an outstanding commitment and undaunted spirit. Sister has served almost in all SJT Institutions in KGF and in St Alphonsus School, Bangalore. She worked for the poorest of the poor joyfully drawing her strength from the Eucharistic Lord and identifying him in the poor. Sr John the Baptist also simultaneously played the role of an animator guiding the sisters and the students with utmost dedication and Love.

As a Novice, her companions admired her from within the four walls of Silence. She took the name John de Baptist. To save souls and pray for the Conversion of Souls was her only Mission. Her spirituality blended well with that of her Patron Saint. "He must increase and I must decrease”. She lived it concretely among her companions, always seeking the last place, giving credit to others, happy to uplift others while living her life" hidden in God Alone! Her sense of humour and laughter was always a moment of Sunshine for all around her. She would claim a penance from the Novice Mistress for the mistakes of others, happy to choose the little way of child Jesus. Sickness or pain was her way of offering herself for Jesus and with Jesus for the Sinners of our World "to save Souls" was her definite reason to be a SJT.

There is nothing more powerful than a praying person, Sr. John the Baptist was both a contemplative and charismatic, she rose early and spent sufficient time with the Lord. She lived her prayer through the daily activities. Sr. John the Baptist possessed the beautiful gift of Giving she never kept anything for herself. She embraced poverty and experienced the joy of the beatitude like St Francis of Assisi. She was Humble and a simple person who went out to help others beyond her strength. Accepted the will of God with joy without questioning. She was a joyful religious.

Sr John the Baptist from 2013 to 2022 suffered from serious illness, but like the burning bush unconsumed by the fire Sr John the Baptist was not consumed by fire of her suffering. She remained calm when her body ached in pain and smiled when in deep struggle and blessed everyone and never complained nor got irritated rather was grateful to all who visited her. Before they could enquire she would enquire and assure them of her prayers. Till the end Sister possessed a rare strength drawing from The cross of Christ and bore the pain with a smile. And on an appointed day the 8 th August 2022 at 12.14 P.M., God looked at Sr John the Baptist tenderly and carried her in to His loving arms.

No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away.

May the ripples caused by you dear Sr John the Baptist continue to live in the hearts of all the people for whom you lived and served. Good bye sister till we meet again in heaven.

Sad Demise of our Dear Sr John The Baptist - SJT


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